SERVICES We   are   a   small   Mom   &   Pop   organization   that   is   REGISTERED,   LICENSED,   INSURED, BONDED, WAIVERED   &   PERMITTED   to   work   as   commercial   (for   hire   /   profit)   UAS,   sUAS or   drone   pilots.      If   your   company   cannot   prove   that   they   are   then   you   are   in   violation   of   FAA rules and regulations and will be investigated by the FAA (not us). 1.  AERIAL, SURFACE, SUBSURFACE AND UNDERWATER 2.  PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEOGRAPHY, STORYBOARDING & KIOSKS 3.  PHOTO & MOVIE MAKING & EDITING 4.  WEDDINGS, ANNIVERSARIES, INDIVIDUAL & VETERAN & FAMILY STORIES, REUNIONS, EVENTS & RETREATS 5.  WATERFALLS, LANDSCAPES, WILDLIFE, PORTRAITS & REAL ESTATE 6.  STATE, FEDERAL, LOCAL, PRIVATE PARKS, FORESTS, RESERVATIONS, PRESERVES, PROTECTED AREAS 7.  BIBLICAL, HISTORICAL, CULTURAL & ARCHAEOLOGICAL 8.  DISCOVERY, IDENTIFICATION, PREVENTION, ENFORCEMENT 9.  3D MAPPING, FLIR (HEAT IMAGERY) & GPR (GROUND PENETRATING RADAR) 10. SEARCH, RESCUE & RECOVERY, RAPID DEPLOYMENT, 24 HOURS & EMERGENCY SERVICES Our   primary   focus   is   waterfalls   of   any   kind   and   Private,   Local,   City,   State   &   Federal   parks, preserves   and   protected   areas   and   wildlife.      But   our   business   is   not   limited   to   any   single   service (time   permitting).      We   can   SCOUT   your   property   for   illegal   dumping,   poaching,   squatters, invasive   plants,   erosion,   fires   and   even   toxins.      We   can   DETECT,   MONITOR,   REPORT   these activities.      From   real   estate   photos   and   videos   to   roof   and   eve   inspections,   craw   spaces,   attacks   & unexplored or unsafe passages we can give you the information that you need. This   company   is   designed   to   designed   to   help   people   see   a   greater   view   of   the   world. The   company   3DNSEW also   assists   in   search,   rescue,   and   retrieval   of   lost   persons,   helps   with   wildlife   preservation,   habitat   erosion prevention    and    making    memories    in    a    higher    quality.    All    of    this    is    done    through    Disabled    Veterans disadvantaged   youths,   youths   at   the   awkward   age   of   being   to   young   for   some   things   and   to   old   for   others   as well   as   other   disabled   persons   who   are   wanting   use   and   still   have   so   much   more   to   give.   With   their   help   we provide   through   the   use   of   drones   (or   UAVs)   High   Definition   Multimedia   Solutions   such   as   introductions, travel    &    tourism    guides    to    attract    local,    national    or    even    international    attention    to    a    wide    variety    of destinations.   We   record   documentaries   that   can   be   used   in   kiosks   to   provide   guided   tours,   park   can   also   sell our   movies   in   their   visitors   or   nature   centers,   directly   to   their   customers   or   online.      We   can   track   assets   and help   reduce   liability.   We   can   help   prevent   lost   time   and   injures   during   search   and   rescue   operations   as   well   as prevent    illegal    dumping.   We    assist    in    discovery,    conservation    and    protection    through    mapping,    ground penetrating radar, archaeology, erosion, protection of beaches, waterfalls and historic sites. We   use   drones   for   most   of   our   work   and   want   to   prevent   injuries   or   loss   of   life   of   those   who   currently   have   to be   put   into   harms   way   each   day   like   fire   fighters   entering   burned   buildings,   search   &   rescue   teams   that   take hours   to   assemble   and   reach   their   destination,   painters   and   inspectors   who   can   stay   off   ladders   and   locating lost   children   in   corn   fields   (which   is   just   the   tip   of   this   iceberg).      We   are   forming   partnerships   with   agencies that   have   contracts   for   services   that   are   paid   with   (or   without)   being   used   such   as   EMS,   FEMA,   and   many other   rescue   and   law   enforcement   agencies. We   are   partnering   with   other   agencies   like   OSHA,   EPA   and   many others that have programs that watch, monitor and report erosion, wildlife, poaching, etc. Having   trouble   providing   access   for   those   with   disabilities   from   accessing   the   most   beautiful   areas?      What about    reducing    the    impact    from    foot    traffic,    erosion    and    litter.        How    about    detecting,    monitoring    and protecting   endangered   species?        Are   you   looking   for   solutions   to   help   identify,   prevent,   protect   your   patrons in   cases   of   emergency?     Wow   about   a   rapid   response   that   can   be   deployed   in   minutes   and   flying   set   areas   with FLIR?      Weather   you   are   trying   to   find   that   child   lost   in   a   corn   field   or   a   missing   hiker   in   the   mountains   we have   solutions   that   can   help   reduce   work   load   and   stress   on   everyone.      Searching   a   building   for   victims   or potential   danger   that   may   be   structurally   unsound.      Laser   or   3D   mapping   of   your   location,   terrain,   or archaeological   sights.      Assist   management   that   can   locate,   monitor   and   even   help   prevent   losses.      Do   you have   a   botanical   garden   that   requires   far   too   many   man   hours   to   deploy   specialized   herbicides,   pesticides   and fertilizers?      We   have   solutions   for   air,   ground   and   underwater.      Yes,   we   can   also   do   weddings,   proms   and family reunions too.
3DNSEW (Pronounced; 3-D N SEW) means 3D = 3 dimensions (aerial, ground and underwater) NSEW = (North, South, East & West).
740-618-8005 P.O. Box 8638, Newark, Ohio 43058